Earth Stories for Toddlers

Posted on Thursday, August 22, 2013 by Jenforkids

Toddler Time was all about our beautiful earth today.

A Grand Old Tree A Grand Old Tree

My favorite tree rhyme fits right in:

Way up high in the apple tree, 5 shiny apples were smiling down at me.

I shook that tree just as hard as I could

And down came 1 apple. 

Boy was it good!

Keep counting till they all come down of course.

In the Small, Small Pond In the Small, Small Pond


We sang an earth version of BINGO...

There was a planet we call home and EARTH was its name-o!

The kids colored Earth and added it to a starry sky.

Early literacy tip of the week

To help children develop letter knowledge, talk about things that interest THEM...

Princess starts with P and Truck starts with T.  it makes remembering letters easier!

Happy reading!


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