Stories @ Campbell Library all about things that go

Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by Jenforkids

picture of truck books


Vroom, vroom...this week's story times feature trucks and things that go.





My favorite song is The Truck Song by wonderful singer  Kathy Reid-Naiman


The Truck Song 

They're building a building in the middle of the town,
And I can see the trucks moving all around,
Each one has a  job to do
Cause they're all part of the building crew.


And the digger dig, dig, dig, dig dig,

And dump trucks haul all the dirt away

and anything else the kids can come up with!


Of course all the kids love the Hurry, hurry drive that fire truck song


Drop by Campbell and pick up a few of these fast moving titles!

Duck in the Truck Duck in the Truck

Trucks Roll! Trucks Roll!

The Bridge Is Up!