Surf's Up at Mavericks!

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 by mztupelo

The date for the Mavericks Invitational has been set. The contest will be held, Sunday, January 20th.

This is the surfing event of the year. Only a select number of surfers are invited to this contest. Surfers from all over the world compete at Mavericks to win bragging rights to be called the best surfer at one of the best big wave surfing spots in the world.

You're invited as well! The Mavericks Invitational Festival is where you can experience the joy and thrill of big wave surfing with other fans, surfers, family and friends. There will be music and plenty of good food and drink.

Now that you know when the event will be held, you have some time to read up on surfing at Mavericks and about the town of Half Moon Bay where Mavericks is located. You can also select some music perfect for a drive to the competition. All of this is available at your local Santa Clara County Library!

 Inside Maverick's Inside Maverick's : Portrait of a Monster Wave



The Voodoo Wave           The Voodoo Wave : Inside a Season of Triumph and Tumult at Maverick's

by Mark Kreidler

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

by Kathleen Manning

Beaches and Parks from San Francisco to Monterey  Beaches and Parks from San Francisco to Monterey

   Lost legends of surf guitar  Lost Legends of Surf Guitar - Big Noise from Waimea

Lost legends of surf guitar  Lost Legends of Surf Guitar II - Point Panic!

Guitar Legend

Guitar Legend : The Very Best of Dick Dale

by Dick Dale

Surf city

Surf City by The Lively Ones


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