Simon Vance : The Voice Behind Many Great Books

Posted on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 by mztupelo

Do you, like me, drive far to work, to friends or to family? Have you become bored reading the same billboards and long for something fun and entertaining to help you pass the time?

Picture of Simon Vance

Allow me to introduce my vote for best driving entertainment ever! Mr. Simon Vance. Mr. Vance is the narrator for a variety of books. Whenever I'm unable to come up with a title to listen to, I look for the titles done by Mr. Vance. I have not been disappointed yet!

Here are some of my favorite books done by Mr. Vance. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Look for Simon Vance in downloadable ebooks as well!



Winter King

The Winter King by Thomas Penn

Thomas Penn re-creates an England that is both familiar and very strange, a country medieval yet modern, in which honor and chivalry mingle with espionage, realpolitik, high finance, and corruption.

The Brothers of Baker Street

The Brothers of Baker Street by Michael Robertson

When Reggie and Nigel Heath set up their law office at the famed 221B Baker Street, they are forced to respond to letters mailed to Sherlock Holmes, the most famous previous tenet at that address. As the brothers investigate their current case where a cabbie is accused of murdering two American tourists, the letters begin to pile up.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg