Chasing Mavericks, Library Style

Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012 by mztupelo

Surfer on a big wave

I just watched the new movie "Chasing Mavericks" starring Gerald Butler. This is the true story of Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarity and his quest to surf the big waves of Mavericks at Half Moon Bay.

It was thrilling to be able to see surfers attempting to ride those magnificent waves, some as tall as 40 feet! And the fun doesn't have to end at the theatre. The Mavericks Invitational, has opened early this year, and will be open until March 31st. Accomplished surfers from all over the world are given 24 hours notice to come and attend this big wave competition.

Want to continue that thrilling ride of Mavericks? Your Santa Clara County Library District can help you with all your surfing needs. Here are some suggestions to keep the surfing momentum going.


Mavericks : The Story of Big Wave Surfing by Matt Warshaw

"A voodoo wave." "The Everest of the ocean." What surfer in his right mind would choose to surf Maverick's with its 50-degree murky water, 60-foot faces, punishing rock bottom, and shifting Central California currents over riding the warm, blue, big waves of Hawaii? But Maverick's presents a surfing challenge like no other. Each winter, starting in October, an elite corps from around the world journey to Maverick's to test themselves on its cold, forbidding waves because challenge, above all else, motivates the big-wave surfer.

Inside Maverick's

Inside Mavericks : Portrait of a Monster Wave

"Inside Mavericks" brings you right onto the sickening ledge of a 75-foot wave with jaw-dropping photographs and gritty insider accounts of what it's really like out there. Sports columnist Bruce Jenkins and Maverick's surfer Grant Washburn have interviewed top big wave surfers Peter Mel, Zach Wourmhoudt, Evan Slater, and others to discuss every aspect of the freakish wave from the paddle out to the terrifying drop to the inevitable and brutal wipeouts.

Riding Giants

Riding Giants - DVD

To tell the story of surfing's history, "Riding Giants" makes use of old movie footage provided by Greg Noll, hundreds of archival photographs, interviews with surfers who were there, and the knowledge of co-writer Sam George, the editor of "Surfer" magazine. Modern footage of Waimea, Maverick's, and Peahi, some of which is quite stunning, conveys the beauty and incredible power of big waves.

Surfing for Life

Surfing for Life - DVD

Provides portraits of surfers ranging in age from 60 to 93, including pioneers and legends of the sport such as Rabbit Kekai (79), Woody Brown (88), John "Doc" Ball (93), Leroy Grannis (82), and Eve Fletcher (73), who talk about how surfing has influenced their lives. Interweaves the life stories of these vital and healthy elders with contemporary day-in-the-life and surfing footage, interviews, and a wealth of archival material including movie clips and images by early surf filmmakers and photographers who captured the dawn of surfing culture in California and Hawaii.

Women and the Waves

Women and the Waves - DVD

A documentary surf film that explores the lives of female surfers, The Women and the Waves showcases various women of all ages who have paddled head first into the male dominated world of surfing and found a place of their own. Featuring surfing greats like Linda Benson (five-time US Champion and first woman to surf Waimea), Ashley Lloyd (three-time winner of the Malibu Classic) and Kim Mearig (1983 ASP Champion). This inspiring film, shot in California, Mexico and Hawaii, combines archive footage and candid interviews of female surfers who have defined a sport, brought so much joy and resonance to their lives - and sheds light on what it s like to truly surf like a girl!


Surfer Magazine

Surfer Magazine

Since 1959, Surfer Magazine has brought its readers a slice of the entire surfing world.



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Another good book

Check out Voodoo Wave by Mark Kreidler. Another good book about Mavericks.

Thank you

I will certainly do that, thanks for the recommendation!