Roomful of Teeth?

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Roomful of Teeth

What is a roomful of teeth?  It is an exciting young vocal ensemble that just won a Grammy for best chamber music/small ensemble performance. The members are classically-trained singers, but they are dedicated to exploring every expressive potential of the human voice. To this end, they've gone to great lengths to study various global vocal techniques, such as Tuvan and Inuit throat singing, Korean p'ansori singing, Balkan glottal stops, Gregorian chant and yodeling. All of these and more can be found on their self-titled album.

"Filled with whoops, clicks, buzzes, ululations, grunts, and chattering cries, the album will send an unnameable thrill down your spine." - Pitchfork                                                                     Roomful of Teeth     













At the Grammy award pre-telecast ceremony, the ensemble performed a section of Partita for 8 Voices by Roomful of Teeth member Caroline Shaw. The composition earned her the Pulitzer Prize for music last year. The award is also a win for the "indie-classical" label New Amsterdam Records, an ambitious enterprise run by a trio of composers.

You can listern to it here:

Here's a list of all the classical Grammy winners and nominees available at the Santa Clara County Library.

And why not check out some of the wildly exciting global music that inspires Roomful of Teeth?  --  Debra

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