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Posted on Friday, December 13, 2013 by coffeecritic

                              Ricky Jay

Chances  are you didn't get to see this entertaining documentary about  mesmerizing  master illusionist Ricky Jay, because it didn't come to neighborhood theaters. I was lucky enough to catch it during a brief run in San Francisco, and now you can see it too.

Prepare to be amazed.  

 Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries And Mentors Of Ricky Jay deceptive practice

Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries And Mentors Of Ricky Jay

Ricky Jay is also an actor, historian, consultant and author, who often collaborates with playwright David Mamet. He has appeared in Heist, Magnolia, The Spanish Prisoner, House of Games and HBO series Deadwood, for which he was also a writer. Yes, he writes, and you can check out some of his books here.   --  Debra

Dice Dice

Jay's Journal of Anomalies Jay's Journal of Anomalies

Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women learned pigs & fireproof womenLearned Pigs & Fireproof Women

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