Cindy Sherman Comes to Bay Area

Posted on Friday, September 14, 2012 by coffeecritic


Can art change how we see the world?  After viewing the photographs of Cindy Sherman, you might never look at ordinary people, especially women, in quite the same way.  The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is having a retrospective of her work, which will run until Oct. 8.  It is the only West Coast presentation of this traveling exhibit.  Much of her work consists of photographs of herself in various guises and personas.  They can be disturbing, amusing, even distasteful, and they draw from the images of our visual culture: movies, television, magazines, the Internet and art history.  According to the museum, "Sherman's work is the unchallenged cornerstone of postmodern photography."

Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman

Guest of Cindy Sherman Guest of Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman