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Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by Health_and_Fitness

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We all know that getting a regular checkup is essential in understanding our health and diagnosing problems that may arise.  Besides the basic blood test, do you know the other shots, and tests that you should consider having?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a wonderful website named healthfinder.gov where you can find lots of quality information that will help ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Topics A to Z provides informative details and statistics you should know in terms of understanding nutrition, healthy living, diseases, parenting, pregnancy and other various topics.

The health news link brings you the most current information surrounding medical research. If you are interested in knowing how the new health care law will impact you and your family, you should explore the section of health care reform which provides the detailed information about the coverage.   

In addition, you can browse the section of find services near you to find certified health care providers, local hospitals, home care centers, as well as federal and state health organizations.

Regarding your personal health care, I highly recommend a helpful tool called myhealthfinder.  By entering your age and gender status, you can find out which recommended preventive examination you need for this year.

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