Ultra Marathoning

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013 by Games_and_Sports

I've been thinking about doing an ultra-marathon next year and have been reading a lot of good books on the subject. If you're interested here's a few that I've really enjoyed. These are fascinating books even if you're not a runner.

This is a great book on what it takes to be a top level ultra runner. In this book Scott recalls his rough childhood and running to escape. His race preparation, living in the Sierras for weeks out of his van, and his training obsession are legendary. Obviously this guy is a little off, but very entertaining to read.

Eat & Run Eat & Run

This book explains why the Kenyans are such great runners from a firsthand perspective. The author, a good runner in his own right, leaves home with his wife and daughters to live with the Kenyan running community to see why they are so great at distance running. While looking for one specific reason, he finds the reasons are numerous.

Running with the Kenyans Running with the Kenyans

This is a great story on the Tarahumara Indians and a 50 mile race with some of the best ultra-marathoners in the U.S. The Tarahumara's live in the high mountains of Mexico and literally run everywhere - from village to village and home to home. They have been studied for years and are credited with the now chic barefoot running craze that is popular here.

Born to Run Born to Run

Another great book about how to finish an ultra from 50k to 100 miles is called "Continuous forward motion". It gives you all the tools to complete an ultra-marathon.  

Have you ever run a marathon? Considering an Ultra? Let us know what books helped get you there. 


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