Cooking Vegetables, Chez Panisse Style

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 by Food_and_Beverages

Chez Panisse Vegetables A friend purchased this book for me several years back as a birthday present. And I have to admit, at first blush, it seemed a bit under whelming. Chez Panisse Vegetables doesn't have the usual smattering of bright, eye-popping photos of mouthwatering dishes. Instead, the illustrations are simple, few, and understated. But don't be fooled by this book's Spartan visual style, there is a ton . . . more »

Cooking Vegetarian, Moroccan Style

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013 by Food_and_Beverages

Mourad Cooking vegetarian food sometimes gets boring. Sauté, steam, boil, and stew … then season with salt and pepper. Is there anything that can make it more interesting? What makes all the flavor of vegetables come out in harmony? Mourad Lahlou’s cookbook, Mourad, has the answer. Mourad Lahlou is a chef and restaurateur. His Michelin starred restaurant Aziza in San Francisco is very popular and one . . . more »


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