Featured eResource: LearningExpress Library

Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 by eBooks_and_eContent

Are you taking an AP class? Are you doing well? It is important; they can give you an edge at highly selective college and universities. Starting college with some extra AP credits can help you graduate sooner and save on tuition, too. You can take practice AP tests in many subjects from our website. Get your score right away, with an explanation of the correct . . . more »

What’s Your View? The Points of View Reference Center

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by eBooks_and_eContent

Points of View Reference Center Whether you are working on a school assignment or just trying to better understand controversial issues, check out the Points of View Reference Center for materials from multiple viewpoints. The Points of View Reference Center provides information on controversial topics including an overview, arguments for and against the issue, and magazine/newspaper articles. Topics include: Abortion Animal Welfare Capitalism vs. Socialism Death Penalty Evolution Gender Equality . . . more »

DIY Legal Resources

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Nolo's Guide to California Law Life happens and suddenly you find yourself in need of legal help, or perhaps you are planning ahead and need legal resources to aid in your research. Access the Legal Information Reference Center today. You will find legal information and forms by Nolo, the nation's oldest and most respected provider of legal information and publications for consumers and small businesses. Topics and forms include: Personal . . . more »

Spotlight on U.S. History and World History in Context

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Good for student research in grades 6-12 and college: U.S.. History in Context delivers coverage of the most-studied topics – from the arrival of Vikings in North America to the Civil Rights movement to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. World History in Context reaches back to ancient times – and extends to today’s headlines – to deliver a chronicle of cultures and societies across . . . more »

Abraham Lincoln Spotted at the Library

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Photograph of Abraham Lincoln Love the new Steven Spielberg movie, Lincoln? Experience more history firsthand! View copies of real newspapers and relive the excitement through the New York Times historical newspaper collection. Actual newspaper headlines include the following: Preparations for the Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln (President Lincoln’s inauguration on March 4, 1861) A DECREE OF EMANCIPATION All Slaves in States of Rebellion on the First of January Next to . . . more »

Top 10 Reference eBooks for Fall 2012

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Did you know that the library offers a collection of reference eBooks? These are great if you're doing research or have an assignment due on a particular topic! Below are the top ten titles used this fall. You can find even more reference titles through our Gale Virtual Reference Library and our Oxford Reference platforms. You can download, pri