Tip of the Week Goes 'Round!

Posted on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Jenforkids

There are five simple practices that help children get ready to read and learn!






These activities can help Every Child get Ready to Read!


There are 5 components to help develop reading readiness:

Print conventions

Background knowledge

Letter knowledge

Phonological awareness




Each week, we focus on one early literacy tip at our story times at Campbell Library.

This week's tip:

Print conventions includes knowing how to handle a book, and noticing the print.

The ways you share books with children can help them to develop the skills to be ready to learn to read.  Even babies can play with books and learn to turn pages.


Storytimes featured Circles & circular stories:  Check out these titles:


Round Is A Pancake Round Is A Pancake

If You Give A Pig A Party If You Give A Pig A Party

I Spy on the Farm I Spy on the Farm

At Home TO-DO

Read and play with books!


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