Baa Baa Books!

Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 by GLorraine

Down on the farm was this week's theme at Toddler Time!

What fun we had---so many great animals to imitate after all.

While many of us have been to a farm, books about new places are a great way to add to your children's background knowledge.

Literacy tip for the week:

To support early literacy sing, talk, read, write and play with your child

1.       Phonological awareness

2.       Vocabulary

3.     Background Knowledge

4.       Print Conventions/Awareness

5.       Letter Knowledge


This week’s tip:

Background knowledge is building on and creating a base for what children already know to help them be ready to learn

Children are curious about their world.  There is so much to know.  You help them learn when you share with them what you through experiences and even in books.  All this acquired background knowledge will help them understand what they read as they are learning to read.

Try a few other fun farm stories:

This Is the Farmer This Is the Farmer

Chickens to the Rescue Chickens to the Rescue

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