Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Letter Knowledge

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 by earlyliteracy

Every child can be a great reader!

To support early literacy sing, talk, read, write and play with your child to develop:

1.      Phonological awareness

2.      Vocabulary

3.      Background Knowledge

4.      Print Conventions/Awareness

5.     Letter Knowledge

This week’s early literacy tip is on:

Letter knowledge: Letters have sounds and can represent sounds; the same letter can look different.

You don’t always need an alphabet book to talk about letters.  With any book that you are reading together, let your child look for the first letter or any of the letters in his or her name.

Alphabet Rescue Alphabet Rescue

What can you do with your child?

  • Encourage drawing, scribbling, writing!
  • Show your child the first letter of his or her name. 
  • Make a picture incorporating the letter. Make a dinosaur out of the letter “d “ or a snake of the letter “s”.

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