Babies and Books

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012 by earlyliteracy

Babies are never too young to enjoy books!  Babies can hear their parent's voices from the womb at six months!  After birth though, parents get to see the responses best of course.  At three months of age, babies still have blurry vision at a distance, so books should be held about 12 inches away from baby's face so she can see it.  The very first books that appeal to babies are those without words with real pictures of babies and faces like Baby Faces.

Baby Faces Baby Faces

Other favorites are the simply illustrated books by Tana Hoban. 

Black on White Black on White

 Check a few out at the library today.

Adapted from: "What'll I do with Baby-o?" by Jane Cobb, Black Sheep Press, c. 2007

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