Help! These Kids Scare Me

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Scene from the 1960 film Village of the Damned

One of the scariest things a movie can throw at me is....

a creepy kid.

These are the creepiest kids I have seen in movies.  Check them out and see if you can stop the nightmares.


 Village of the Damned

 5. Village of the Damned

For 24 hours an entire village falls unconscious and then wakes with no apparent ill effects.  A few months later most of the women are pregnant and they give birth to children that look like the top photograph.  Needless to say this is a pack of scary children.  You can also check out the inferior 1995 remake as well as the classic John Wyndham novel, The Midwich Cuckoos which inspired all of this creepiness.


The Bad Seed

4. The Bad Seed

What will little Rhoda give you for a basket of kisses?  A bucket of nightmares, as she eliminates anyone who gets in her way.  This 1956 film scored Oscar nominations for Nancy Kelly as the horrified mother, Eileen Heckart as a creepy alcoholic mother in mourning and for little Patty McCormack who gives a classic performance as the amoral Rhoda.  You can also check out William Marsh's creepy novel

OrphanOrphan DVD

3. Orphan

Bad things always seem to happen when Esther is around.

No kidding. 

When a couple adopts a 9 year old orphan named Esther, their lives are never the same as death and mayhem follow her every move.  This film is a genuinely chilling portrait of pint sized evil.


2. Ju-on

I could write an entire blog on creepy kids in Japanese horror films; it's almost a Japanese art form.  One of the creepiest kids is little Toshio, a ghost that haunts the house of his death..  If his otherworldly pallor and dead black eyes weren't enough to give you nightmares, the horrible things that happen to people after they encounter him would definitely do the trick.  The director Takashi Shimizu also directed the American remake.

The Omen DVD Cover

1. The Omen The Omen

A well meaning man switches his wife's stillborn baby with an orphaned infant.

What could go wrong? 

Unfortunately for this family (and all of humanity) the infant turns out to be literally the son of Satan. What are the odds?  Horror erupts on the child's fifth birthday as his satanic origins manifest. 

The movie is made even more terrifying by composer Jerry Goldsmith's scary Oscar winning score.  The creeptastic Damien managed to inspire a 2006 remake.

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Creepy Twins

The Shining twins (and even Danny when he is redrumming) definitely merit a spot on this list and that's a great movie. However, with so mant creepy kids to be scared by I had to lose a few incredibly creepy kids. I need to write a longer list.

Even scarier then creepy kids...

...Creepy DOLLS!

Yes, dolls!

I would have to agree that dolls that look like kids creep me out... especially the more realistic ones.

Creepy Kids

What about the twins from the Shining? Too obvious? :-o