Superman's Weirdest Adventures

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 by fillups

Whether or not you've seen the newest version of Superman in Man of Steel, it's fun to look over the long, long history of the Superhero.


Glen Weldon's  Superman the Unauthorized Biography follows the superhero through the ups, the downs, the surreal and the almost literal insanity of his whole incredible career.  In a recent article, Mr. Weldon reflected on a particularly odd part of Superman's history:

"Once the show [Superman] ended, however, all bets were off, and writers and artists were free to get weird. Crazypants-level weird. And under the firm editorial hand of Mort Weisinger, who encouraged his writers to surround the Man of Steel with a vast and quirky network of friends and relations (Girl cousin! Super dog! Mermaid ex! Super-powered teen pals from the future! Super monkey! Super horse who is a centaur who is also a guy never mind why! Super cat! Dead Kryptonian fiancée he met when he went back in time! Tiny bottled Kryptonian municipality!) Superman became the harried, bemused patriarch of a garishly colored clan that routinely traversed the galaxy and the timestream as if they were just running out to the Piggly-Wiggly.

...And of all the characters of The Crazypants Years, the one who had the most fun, who got the weirdest on the regular, was Jimmy Olsen."

Check out Superman the crazy years in these Jimmy Olsen graphic novels.


Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen Volume 1


Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen Volume 2



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