"Moon in Champagne", Don's September Pick of the Month

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012 by fillups

Like moonlight shining through a glass of champagne, my first pick of the month, Trouble in Paradise, is beautiful to behold and a thoroughly romantic delight.

As a monthly feature of the Don's Multimedia Madness blog, I am going to select a neglected or little seen gem from the SCCLD collection to draw your attention to that is a particular favorite of mine.  These choices will be films, books or even games that I feel have been overlooked but deserve a special highlight.

According to the main character, Gaston, "beginnings are always difficult" and so I begin with one of the best "unknown" romantic comedies of all time:

Trouble in Paradise Trouble in Paradise

This film about two jewel thieves who fall in love in Venice and then move on to attempt to rob a perfume heiress in France is as nimble as the thieves themselves. It creates an air of rising expectation as it manages to surprise the viewer in the twists of the plot as well as the magical switcheroos in the jokes as they get turned around on themselves.  This consistently witty movie is the high point of director Ernst Lubitsch's tremendous career.  It is so modern in its approac