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Posted on Thursday, December 27, 2012 by fillups

Beyond Book Cover

Beyond: A Ghost Story by Graham McNamee

Grade 7+

226 Pages

Jane was born dead; her heart was stopped when she entered the world. The doctors saved her but ever since then she has a tendency to have accidents that could lead to death.  By the time she is seventeen years old, Jane has swallowed drain cleaner, been electrocuted and almost hit by a train.  After all of that she puts a nail gun to her head and almost succeeds in ending her life.  No one knows the real reason for these “accidents” except her best friend, Lexi. 

What they both know is that some mysterious force attached to Jane is trying to end her life and after the nail gun incident it takes the form of a shadow. And the shadow seems more powerful than ever.  Jane begins sleepwalking and a human skull has been found near her home.  How will Jane and her best friend solve the mysteries around Jane before the shadow finally ends her life?

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