Go Psychonautic! Don's October Pick of the Month

Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by fillups

Scene from the game Psychonauts

Recently, Tim Schafer, a video game developer, went to Kickstarter.com to ask fans for $400,000 to develop a video game and an accompanying documentary.  He received a total of $3,336,371, one of the highest amounts in Kickstarter's short history.

Part of the reason for this level of funding is the distinctive, eccentric and darkly funny games that Schafer has created.  In a crowded and talented field of video game designers, Tim Schafer's work has gained a huge following.

One of the games that has developed an intense following cemented Schafer's reputation, as well as having some scary moments, is my pick of the month for October:

Psychonauts Psychonauts Box Art







Psychonauts for the Playstation 2

This platform game follows the adventures of Raz, a psychic boy, who runs away from the circus to join a summer camp for psychics.  However, all is not well at the camp and some of the campers are literally losing their minds.  Raz must solve the mystery partially by entering the somewhat twisted minds of various suspicious characters, conquering their neuroses and hopefully enlisting their help.  Each mind is a completely personal and warped version of reality and makes up the various levels of the game. 

Schafer's flair for great character design, witty dialogue and bizarre plot ideas are all in full display in this delightful game that is well worth firing up your Playstation 2 for!


Image from hardcoregaming101.net

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