Backroads to Great Food. Don's November Pick of the Month

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by fillups

To many people, Guy Fieri is the person who brought backroads diners fame in his popular television show and book Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. However, the pioneering work on these fiesty entepreneurs of fine fast food was done way back in the early seventies by authors Jane and Michael Stern.

The Sterns were the first serious food writers to bring attention and acclaim to small uncelebrated restaurants that made homely, ordinary food in delicious ways. Their recently updated classic on off the track dining is my November pick of the month:

Roadfood Roadfood

This marvelous book shows off the best of what I like to call backroads type food.  The best donuts, the best macaroni and cheese, the best tacos, and the best bbq all tucked away in unassuming mom and pop type restaurants. There is a joy of discovery in this book and the joy of their wonderful descriptions of the various foods, restaurants and personalities that criss cross this country.  Check it out!!!

In addition to their terrific books the Sterns also maintain a food blog, also called Roadfood, of their latest discoveries.

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