Let's Celebrate!

Posted on Saturday, January 4, 2014 by Cupertino_Library

This month is “Letter Writing Month ”, “Hobby Month”, “Stamp Collectors Month” and “Radio Month”.  January is also the month, if you are so inclined, to celebrate oatmeal, soup, hot tea, gourmet coffee, and “Prunes for Breakfast”.  Ironically enough it is also “Diet Month”, “Fat Free Living Month”, and “Lose Weight and Feel Great Month”.

Being library type folk we are all very excited about January being both “Book Blitz Month”, and “Business and Reference Book Month”. Frankly, reference books don’t get enough of a celebration having to stay in the library all the time.

January is also the month to celebrate clowns, bath safety, and crime stoppers. Hopefully not all at the same time.

Don’t see any cause for celebration? Make your own! It takes an act of congress to make a “National” day but anyone can make up a holiday or special day just by declaring it is so. Most are made up by companies, special interest groups, and local governments.  I was going to declare January 4th “Read a Good Book” day, but someone beat me to it. It was September 6th.

                                The Book of New Family Traditions

                              The Book of New Family Traditions

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