Teen Technology Symposium 2 - This Friday @ the Cupertino Library

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

The Cupertino Library and the Monta Vista High School Tech Club are presenting the 2nd Teen Technology Symposium this Friday from 5 - 9pm in Cupertino's Community Hall.

Speakers include:

1. Sepideh Nasiri - Vice President of Women 2.0

Ms. Nasiri will speak about 'Women and Technology - Challanges and Opportunities'


2. Zack Hoeken Smith - Technical Director at HAXLR8R and is co-founder of the 3D printing company MakerBot.

Mr. Smith presents 'Automation and the Future of Manufacturing' that includes recent advances in fabrication techniques as well as 3D printing trends.


3. Jagath Reddy Junutula - Senior Scientist, Discovery Oncology, GenenTech

Mr. Junutula will speak about the advances in cancer theraputics and "Target Chemotherapy."


4. Cordelia Willis - Criminalist, Modern Forensics - Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory

Ms. Willis will cover 'Modern Forensics - Solving Crime with Technology' as well as DNA analysis, lasers, video analysis and her real life experiences in crime investigation.


This is a FREE program geared towards t