The Green Teen Garden Project Begins!

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

The Cupertino Library’s Green Teen Garden Project is now underway!

The program is designed to help educate teen volunteers and patrons on the importance of green living and gardening. Assisted by local Master Gardeners (http://www.mastergardeners.org/scc.html) the Green Teen Garden will be used as a learning tool were teens will gain hands-on experience planting, growing and harvesting vegetables and plant life.

The garden is housed in the central courtyard of the Cupertino Library. Fencing was installed around the perimeter of the gardening area to help protect the vegetation while giving patrons, big and small, the opportunity to witness the lifecycle of the plants. Raised garden beds and soil will soon be included in the garden area…..so make sure to visit us and keep your eyes open….the plants will be sprouting up before you know it!    


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