The Green Teen Garden Volunteers Get Their Hands Dirty!

Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 by Cupertino_Library


The Cupertino Library’s Green Teen Garden Project is getting a tune-up with the help of the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County. But, before we go any further, just who are the Master Gardeners, also known as MG’s, and what do they do?



The MG’s are an association of county residents who gather together to learn about sustainable gardening practices as well as teach classes on gardening principals to the public. The MG’s have helped establish numerous community gardens throughout Santa Clara County, some of which include the Palo Alto Demo Garden, the Sunnyvale Teaching Garden, and the Demonstration Garden at McClellan Ranch right here in Cupertino.



Most recently, the Master Gardeners hosted a Gardening 101 orientation for the Green Teen Volunteers working on the Library’s new organic vegetable gardening project. Here, veteran gardeners Fred Schulenburg and Jean Lee gave a hands-on tutorial explaining the basic principles of how to grow, maintain, and harvest a flourishing garden.



All 24 teens in attendance got the chance to get their hands dirty as they learned how to sprout seeds, mix soil, dig appropriate sized-planting holes, and water plants at the base of the root.   



The Master Gardeners answered questions that the teens proposed with thoughtful, detailed explanations. Everything from water irrigation tubing to composting was covered. 


The collaboration between the Green Teens and the Master Gardeners has been very successful, and the teens are having fun and learning about organic gardening.

The Cupertino Library would like to thank the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County for sharing their knowledge and experience with the younger generations. To find out more about the Master Gardeners, please visit their website at:


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