Summer of Science: Chemistry Explained

Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

When someone says “Chemistry,” does it conjure up the image of a mad scientist’s lab with glass flasks and beakers full of bright-colored fluids all bubbling away on Bunsen burners?   For anyone who has ever been bewildered by the periodic table of the elements, come to Cupertino Library’s next Summer of Science program, “Chemistry Explained” on Saturday, July 13th at 3 pm.  Chemistry is not really so mysterious, according to former chemistry professor, John Hostettler. Using the the twin ideas of "element" and "atom" learn about these concepts to explain the properties of some familiar materials, and work to demystify chemistry for the lay person.

This Summer of Science Program will be held at the Cupertino Community Hall at 10350 Torre Ave, next door to Cupertino Library.

Next week, our Summer of Science program will be "Astronomy for Everyone." 3 pm in the Community Hall. 


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