Cupertino Alert System: Have You Signed Up?

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

The City of Cupertino has an emergency notification service, the Cupertino Alert System (CAS), that allows the City to alert residents about local emergencies.
How the Cupertino Alert System Works

When the City of Cupertino issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern, messages are sent to all standard voice and text communication devices that residents have registered, including landline phones, cell phones, and e-mail addresses.

The City of Cupertino recommends that local residents provide additional contact information, such as cell phone numbers, business phone numbers, and email addresses to receive emergency notifications as quickly as possible. The information residents provide is protected and is be used for any other purpose.

Sign Up for the Cupertino Alert System

Add your contact information to the notification system if you live, work or attend school in Cupertino. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

For additional information about the Cupertino Alert System please visit:



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