The Enneagram of Personality at Cupertino Library

Posted on Thursday, August 1, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

Would you call yourself a reformer or a challenger?  Perhaps you think of yourself more as an enthusiast or an individualist. Are you always the helper, or the peace maker? There are nine points on the Enneagram, each of which is numbered for the sake of organization, not merit. Every personality type is considered of equal value. We have these nine personality traits in our psyches in some proportion or other, but one is always strongest, which determines our number on the chart.  

    When we say “I’m an eight,” or “she’s a three, a seven or a nine” what does this ranking really mean when we try to explain why we all behave the way we do? On Saturday, August 3, speaker Liz Blackford  will be at the Cupertino Community Hall. She will help us start understanding how these personalities interact with one or another. Be forewarned—the more closely one studies the Enneagram of personalities, the more subtle and complex it becomes. Naturally, since how can anything related to human nature ever be truly simple? 

Liz Blackford is a certified Enneagram trainer, and a prominent speaker on the Enneagram in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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