Meet the author: 陈若曦 is coming!

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

Ruoxi Chen (陈若曦) is one of the most significant writers in modern Chinese literature.   Born in Taiwan, she co-founded 现代文學Modern Literature) , a bi-montly literary magazine when she was still a student in National Taiwan University.  白先勇 and 王文興 are also among the founding writers.  After graduation, she came to U.S. and earned MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University.  Perhaps the most drastic turn in her life was when she agreed with her husband to move to China in 1966.  Their idealistic pursuit of Socialism led them to a Motherland just at the start of the Cultural Revolution.   Disillusioned after spending 7 chaotic years there, they chose to leave.  They had a temporary stay in Hong Kong.   It was during this time that she wrote 尹縣长(The Execution of Mayor Yin), a collection of stories depicting what really went on during that period in China.  Upon publishing, it was recongnized internationally.  According to 王文興: “若曦是一位優秀的小说家, 她以小说家敏锐的觀察, 及冩实的技巧, 将‘文革’悲惨恐怖的经验, 提炼昇華, 化成了藝術。” Since then, she has written many award-winning books.

This Sunday, 4/7 from 2 to 4 pm @ the Quinlan Community Center (10185 N. Stelling Rd.), we will have Ruoxi Chen (陈若曦) talk about "Looking for Shangri-La" "尋找桃花源“。  There will be book-signing by the author as well.  The program will be conducted in Mandarin .   We appreciate  the Friends of the Cupertino Library  for their generous support.  It is also  co-sponsored by 北一女