Green Teen Garden Project - Raised Garden Beds

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 by Cupertino_Library

This week the Green Teen Garden Project took some major steps in getting the garden area up and running.  With the help of volunteers from the Master Gardener program (http://www.mastergardeners.org/scc.html), two raised garden beds were assembled inside the gated perimeter. Master Gardener, Fred Shulenburg, was on-hand to share his carpentry expertise during the construction. The two 3” X 6” garden beds are made of cedar wood and stand over 2” high; plus, they are equipped with retractable mesh fencing to help provide easy access and prevent back stress.



(Master Gardener, Fred Shulenburg, helps construct the two raised garden beds for the Green Teen Garden Project)

Upon completing construction, both garden beds were filled with a mixture of soil, compost and amendment all graciously donated by Yamagami’s Nursery in Cupertino, CA (http://www.yamagamisnursery.com/) and Kellogg’s Garden Product’s in Lockeford, CA (http://www.kellogggarden.com/<