Focus on Food: Healthy Eating with Chef Patti Tartaglia

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013 by Cupertino_Library


Chef Patti Tartaglia of Food Fixx LLC will be at Cupertino Community Hall on

Monday, April 22nd , at 7:00 pm for our final Focus on Food program. Patti’s  interest in food began in her early teens when she started experimenting with her favorite recipes to make them healthier while keeping them delicious.   As an adult, Patti refined her cooking skills during her ten years working in the restaurant industry. She is also a trained and certified Nutritional Educator.

Patti’s knowledge and her continuing dedication to identifying and breaking down barriers toward a healthier lifestyle might be just the incentive needed to make positive changes in your overall diet and reduce your  grocery bills at the same time. If you dread giving up your favorite foods even while wanting to improve your own and your family’s eating habits, this program is for you.


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