How to Start an Investment Club

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2012 by Cupertino_Library


Cupertino Library and the Silicon Valley Chapter of Better Investing present:

How to Start an Investment Club

Wednesday, October 3rd  at 7:00 pm in the Library Story Room.

Growing your nest egg by investing in stocks or mutual funds is a potentially rewarding but also daunting prospect for the inexperienced investor, especially after the chaos in 2008. The adage "there's safety in numbers" can be applied to investment clubs in more ways than one. Come to our program with speakers, Eric Aker, Solna Baude, and Vicky Powell,  all members of  Silicon Valley Better Investing  to find out if an investment club can help increase your financial expertise and your portfolio at the same time.

A traditional investment club is a small group of individual  investors who come together to learn, share investing experiences and help each other become more successful and confident investors.Clubs provide education, camaraderie and buying power, plus the reassurance of knowing you don’t have to go it alone.  If the members prefer, investment clubs can also be purely informational with each member investing on their own behalf.

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