Parenting the Young Child: Sibling Solutions

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 by Cupertino_Library

 When I was a little girl I would follow my big brother around and “beep” him wherever he went. I would poke his arm repeatedly and say “beep” when he was watching TV, hanging out with his friends, or trying to read.  He in turn would make me sit in my closet as a time out whenever he was left to babysit. I would hide his matchbox cars; he would put my doll on the top shelf where I couldn’t reach.  “I’m telling!” was a common refrain at our house.  Does this sound at all familiar?

 If you are looking for ways to help your siblings get along, the Cupertino Library and Hand in Hand Parenting is offering a parenting workshop on “Sibling Solutions”.  Every child with siblings gets upset with his brother or sister.  Presenter Danielle Friedman will share ideas for turning those moments into opportunities for building better sibling relationships.   

Please join us on Thursday, October 25th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Cupertino Library Story Room.

Registration for this program starts Monday, October 1st at the Children’s Reference Desk.  These classes are intended for adults only, please make alternate child care arrangements.


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