New Year, New You!

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2012 by Cupertino_Library

So now that we have survived the Mayan “end of the world” scare, we can all wipe the sweat from our brows and get stoked to glide on in to 2013 with ease. But what will be different for you this year? Do you want a better body? Do you want to eat more healthily? Do you want a new image? Do you want to learn a new skill or craft? If you said, “Yes” to any, or all, of the above, you are in luck. The SCCLD is here to help make your 2013 the best year ever.

Click on the titles below and get ready to discover the new you:

Breathe Breathe

No, downward facing dog is not referring to a sad puppy. Check this book out and learn all kinds of healthy stretches and yoga poses. Practice regularly and you will be a human pretzel in no time.

Seventeen Presents 500 Health & Fitness Tips Seventeen Presents 500 Health & Fitness Tips

If Seventeen suggests it, I would believe it. For over 70 years, this magazine has been dishing out tidbits of info that include everything from the proper way to floss your teeth, to how to curl your hair in the dark.

Fueling the Teen Machine Fueling the Teen Machine

Put that Fudgsicle down, and pick this book up. Learn to eat healthy, get strong, and slim down that waist after eating all those holiday cookies.

Poetry for Beginners Poetry for Beginners

Bust out some homespun poetic verses of your own and just watch as the girls at the next lunch table over start to swoon. Come on, Casanova, click on the link and get rhyming.

Magic Magic

No, this book and DVD course will not teach you how to make you little brother disappear, but it will teach you some cool tricks to impress your friends with. Master this book and you are one packet of black hair dye and a do-rag short of being Criss Angel.

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