Bad Kitty vs Garfield: The Winner!

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 by Cupertino_Library

The results are in! Library Kids at Cupertino Library voted on who would make the best pet, Bad Kitty or Garfield and it looks like Garfield is everyone’s favorite lasagna loving cat!

22 reasons why Garfield makes a better pet than Bad Kitty

#1  Garfield is the best pet because he is funny and can chase away dogs.

#2  Because Bad Kitty is really bad but Garfield isn’t really bad;  he is naughty but really funny.

#3  Garfield makes the best pet because I like cats that are funny not naughty.

#4  He talks and he’s funny and he even has his own dvd.

#5  He’s funny and Bad Kitty is just plain bad.

#6  He’s funny!

#7  He likes to fight more than Bad Kitty.

#8  Garfield should be the better pet because he’s not bad and does not think he is the king of the house. Bad Kitty is very bad and very selfish. Garfield RULES!

#9  Garfield makes you laugh . He’s funny and not as naughty.

#10  He doesn’t mess around.

#11  Garfield would win because he might come up with a plan and capture Bad kitty.

#12 Garfield because he doesn’t do much besides eat and sleep.

#13  Garfield is better since he is so funny . The best part is that he isn’t bad.

#14  He likes food and is funny.

#15  Garfield is awesome

#16  Garfield is an awesome cat, bad Kitty is a big, fat, hairy deal.

#17  Garfield doesn’t mess around like Bad Kitty.

#18  Garfield isn’t that bad but Bad Kitty is because Bad Kitty is just a fuss! And Bad Kitty starts with the word bad, didn’t you notice that?

#19  I think Garfield because he is more obedient that Bad Kitty.

#20  Garfield is a better pet because he is funny and he is orange, a unique color for a cat.

#21  Eat, sleep that is all you do I don’t care because I love Garfield.

#22  Garfield because all he really wants to do is eat and sleep and not mess stuff up.

Bad kitty did have a few staunch supporters who had this to say about:

#1 Bad Kitty will make a better pet because you can bribe her.

#2 I think Bad Kitty would be a better pet, because Garfield is really naughty and lazy. He also thinks he is the boss of the house. Bad Kitty is not that bad, you just need to yell at the bad kitty!

#3 First of all Bad Kitty doesn’t eat sleep or be mean like Garfield and Bad Kitty has friends and she is funny.

#4 I like Bad kitty because Bad Kitty has friends and Garfield does not.

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