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Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 by Cupertino_Library

Do you remember when you learned to read?

Most of us remember sounding out our ABC's, or we can recall the favorite bedtime story mom and dad read to us over and over again. But we started learning to read way before we picked up our first picture book, through nursery rhymes. Language has a beat to it, and the strong rhythm and beat of a nursery rhyme help a baby absorb the patterns and rhythms of language with their whole body.

Say Humpty Dumpty and clap along;

"Hump-ty Dump-ty sat on a wall!

Hump-ty Dump-ty had a great fall!

All the kings hor-ses and all the kings men    

Could-n't put Hump-ty to-geth-er a-gain!"

Feel the beat? Bouncing rhymes like Humpty Dumpty are a powerful way in teaching the rhythm of language.

Cupertino Library offers Baby Storytime; a baby's first introduction to the library and language. It is a special interactive time for caregivers and babies to enjoy music, nursery rhymes and stories together.

Baby Storytime is des