Soup: It’s What’s for Dinner!

Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 by HylaryL

Now that fall is here, dinners that have gotten us through the warmer months are slowly getting put on the back burner (no pun intended!) Grills are getting put away, and it’s time to think about how to best use the produce available in the fall to create fresh, healthy and delicious meals as we march on towards winter!

So what’s a sure-fire way to liven up your fall meals? One word: soup! Soups are an excellent way to try new foods, sneak in healthy ingredients and feel full and satisfied all at once! They are also a good way to cook meats, vegetables and grains that doesn’t involve a lot of oils or other, less healthy methods of preparation. Just remember, soups that are loaded with cream or cheese don't count...stick with delicious chicken or vegetable broth for a healthy and savory entree!

Not sure where to start on your soup journey? Check out one of the many books in the Santa Clara County Library District dedicated to soups and start getting creative in your kitchens this fall!

Soup, Glorious Soup

Soup, Glorious Soup (2011)
by Annie Bell

Soup is the ultimate comfort food and caters to every appetite, age group, and occasion. There is soup that is quick to make, and soup that requires gentle, slow cooking. There is soup for winter, and soup for summer. This book provides over 100 well-tested recipes that explore this versatility-from long-standing favorites like Chicken Noodle Soup and Lentil Soup to stews like Lamb and Butternut Soup with Pine Nuts.


Soup! (2010)
by Vava Berry

In this book, the soups are classified by occasions rather than just ingredients. This cookbook can be used to create a whole dinner party around one soup, cook a healthy lunch that will make colleagues jealous, be creative for very little money, play chef for the night,  or get dinner on the table in 10 minutes!

Sunday Soup

Sunday Soup (2008)
by Betty Rosbottom

From spicy chilies to steaming chowders, Sunday Soup features 60 recipes: one for each Sunday of the year, and then some. . A great selection of "Soup-er Sides" will turn any bowl of soup into a hearty meal.

Saved by Soup

Saved by Soup (1999)
by Judith Barrett

This cookbook is filled with more than 100 deliciously low-fat soup recipes. Author Judith Barrett lost pounds and inches using these mouthwatering recipes, each of which contains less than three grams of fat per serving!


Soup (2006)
by Delia Smith

This collection of over 50 soup recipes focuses on  using good quality fresh ingredients. Discover a wealth of ideas for nourishing, satisfying, tasty, and often low-calorie soup. 



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