Are you a locavore?

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 by HylaryL

If you're interested in cooking, health and the environment, locavore is a word you should know! What is a locavore? Anyone who strives to eat locally grown food can consider themselves a locavore. A lot of the fruits and vegeatables you find in the supermarket is grown hundreds or thousands of miles away and shipped great distances to reach the produce department. The San Francisco bay area based group Locavores provides great information on the locavore movement on their website.

If you're interested in learning more about buying locally grown produce, or creating your own backyard garden, the library has several wonderful books on the subject:

  The Locavore's Kitchen

The Locavore's Kitchen (2011)
by Marilou K. Suszko

More than 200 recipes focusing on locally or homegrown foods are featured in this delightful guide to seasonal eating! The author also includes tips on how to store and preserve produce so that it can be enjoyed year round!


Real Food All Year

Real Food All Year (2012)
by Nishanga Bliss

This book presents the nutritional principles of Chinese Medicine, along with seasonal eating. Included in the book are over 35 gluten-free recipes and tips for creating shopping lists, planning meals, and whipping up a quick and healthy snack!

Cooking in the Moment

Cooking in the Moment (2011)
by Andrea Reusing

Written by an award-winning chef, this book's title inspires the reader to focus on one meal at a time, turning each one into something delicious and healthy using food grown nearby.

The One-block Feast

The One-block Feast (2011)
by Margo True

This guidebook provides deatiled instructions on producing all the ingredients for healthy meals at home, from vegetable gardens to beehives. Much of the information in this book was provided by the staff of Sunset Magazine's popular blog, One-Block Diet.

The Organic Family Cookbook

The Organic Family Cookbook (2011)
by Anni Daulter

Get the whole family involved in growing and cooking local produce! Recipes are healthy, kid-tested and approved, and include snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners that everyone can enjoy.

The Homesteader's Kitchen

The Homesteader's Kitchen (2010)
by Robin Burnside

This cookbook is full of delicious recipes made with foods from the garden or farmers market and designed to promote health and well-being. The author also includes tips on how to select the best quality ingredients to provide the most nutrition and tastiest flavor!

Ripe from around Here

Ripe from around Here (2010)
by Jae Steele

A guide for vegans, this book teaches the reader the importance of eating locally, no matter where you live!

Eating Local

Eating Local (2010)
Sur la Table and Janet Fletcher

Beautiful and with over 150 recipes, this cookbook not only demonstrates how to incorporate fresh, local ingredients into everyday meals, but also introduces the reader to the family farms that are working to change the foods we eat, one plate at a time!


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