Ignorance is not bliss - men's health resources at the library!

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012 by HylaryL

Looking for reliable and useful resources on men's health? Look no further, the Santa Clara County Library has what you need! Of course, all of the most important information should come from your doctor, but if you want to find out about nutrition, fitness, and health for men, the library has loads of materials just for you!

Check out the list of suggested titles below and reserve your copy today at your local Santa Clara County Library branch! Also be sure you visit our online health resources for up-to-the-minute information. We have general information in databases like the A.D.A.M Health Library and Consumer Health Complete; there's even an e-book version of The Rough Guide to Men's Health!


The Life Plan

The Life Plan (2012)
by Jeffry S. Life

This book, written by seventy-two year old physician, Dr. Life, promises to help men make over their bodies and turn back the clock twenty years or more! Although it is geared mainly toward healthy aging, The Life Plan contains vital information for all men, including exercises to improve heart health, diet plans and a guide to nutrient supplements.

The Men'sHealth Big Book of Food & Nutrition

The Men'sHealth Big Book of Food & Nutrition (2010)
by Joel Weber and Mark Zimmerman

From the writers and editors of Men's Health Magazine comes this book of answers for men about life's most difficult food questions. Included is information about grocery shopping, cooking, and dining out, all with staying lean and healthy in mind!

I'm with Fatty

I'm with Fatty (2010)
by Edward Ugel

This laugh-out-loud hilarious weight loss memoir from author and blogger Edward Ugel isn't so much a guidebook for out to trim extra pounds, but more like the friend who takes the journey with you. Recommended to anyone who has ever been told they needed to go on a diet, and actually tried.

The Whole Life Prostate Book

The Whole Life Prostate Book (2012)
by M. Ballentine Carter

According to this book, more than 20 million men in the United States are currently impacted by a prostate health issue, with 200,000 being diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Important for men of any age, this book, written by an expert in the field, explains how to make changes to improve prostate health for life.  


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