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Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 by jtakagihsu



By Sarah Beth Durst

Grade 7+

432 pages

Liyana has spent most of her life training to become the vessel for her desert tribe’s goddess. On the appointed day she will dance to summon Bayla, who will inhabit her body while Liyana’s spirit dies. Liyana is prepared, but when the ceremony fails her tribe accuses her of being unfit and abandons her to die in the desert alone. Fighting to survive, she meets a boy name d Korbyn, who claims to be the trickster god inhabiting a human vessel- and Korbyn wants her help. The gods have been imprisoned, and Korbyn wants to set them free so they can inhabit their appointed vessels.

Liyana wants to help her people, who cannot survive in the desert without the magic of the gods. But if success means her own death what will Liyana choose?

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