Let the (Halloween) light shine

Posted on Friday, October 26, 2012 by LisaLibrarian

a photo of a luminaria with a dog faceWe had great fun making these at a program at Campbell, but they'd be easy to do at home, with any age.  The original directions were in a Pack of Fun magazine, November, 2009.

Cut the top off a one- or two-liter soda bottle.  preferably one with straight sides.a photo of an orange pumpkin-faced luminaria

Tear a sheet of tissue paper into small pieces.   Use regular glue and water mixed together half-and-half to collage the paper to the soda bottle.  Make sure you've covered the entire bottle, but be careful that the paper layers aren't too thick, or the light won't shine through.  

Set it aside to dry overnight.

Cut face pieces--eyes, nose, mouth, hair--out of felt and glue onto the bottle, using a craft glue.  a photo of  agirl showing her multi-eyed monster luminaria

Eyelash yarn makes great hair, and googly eyes are always fun.

Light it with a super bright LED battery-powered candle--and let your Halloween light shine.