Chick Lit + Rooster Romance = Happy Egg Story

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chickens and roosters and romance stories....
can it mean happy eggs?

Reading to chicks


Alice and Joanie B, library-hens, take their chick lit seriously - readers' advisory is at the top of their professional pecking wonder Alice "bawked! " when she saw the "so-crowed" news from the U.K.:


Breaking News!!



Chick lit -- for hens!
First Book Aimed at Chickens Has Been Written



Fifty Shades of Hay:

Author Pens Chick Lit Novel

Falling for Clooney

Alice:  Baaawwk!  Would you peck at this Joanie B - "first book aimed at chickens" -
and hoooww they are bawking about it on Youtube...

Joanie B. pecked the replay on the Youtube video:  Falling for Clooney

.... as Alice crowed on and on...Joanie B was fact, 




Joanie B:  I think I need to lay an egg, right now!

"Bawk, ba bawk, ba baaawwk, bawk!" Joanie B. sang her egg song to the tune of
"Some Egg-chanted Evening."

Joanie B's egg son


Alice:  Brek! Joanie B's falling for "Falling for Clooney" ... as for me...I'd advise my fellow feathered hen friends to read about some fine roosters at SCCLD like:


Elvis the Rooster and the Magic Words
Elvis the Rooster and the Magic Words

Alice:  ...or read about some Bawk n Rolling rooster...

Bawk & Roll
Bawk & Roll


Alice:  Finding a good read about roosters at the library will make you want to check out:

The Loopy Coop Hens
The Loopy Coop Hens



Alice the chicken talks


alice the chicken












Notes from Laurenjoan:

It's true - Chick Lit for chickens - an idea for a rooster romance in audio book form that was commissioned by the Happy Egg Company in the UK --  "to play to our girls to help them settle at night" -- after research found that "the human voice can have a calming effect on laying hens."   

Well, if they'd asked anybody who gets a bedtime story read to them - they coulda told them all about the calming/sleepy feeling of a good story at nighttime!

Richard Scarry's Bedtime Stories
Richard Scarry's Bedtime Stories
The Random House Book of Bedtime Stories 
The Random House
Book of Bedtime Stories




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