London Grammar, San Fermin - whoa! - Music for Chicken Emo

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2014 by LaurenJoan

Alice and Joanie B, SCCLD Library Hens, need to cluck! their emo (or emocore) in music and Paul Krugman, NYT opinionator and Noble Prizer in Economics, pecks the way to --emo- LONDON GRAMMAR... ...and...SAN FERMIN... Alice: Bawwk! Now - I could cluck and cry to London Grammar all day long... Joanie B: Rrrawk! Sonsick - I feel my gizzard swell from "not an album . . . more »

Chick Lit + Rooster Romance = Happy Egg Story

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 by LaurenJoan

Reading to chicks Ahhh... chickens and roosters and romance stories.... can it mean happy eggs? Alice and Joanie B, library-hens, take their chick lit seriously - readers' advisory is at the top of their professional pecking wonder Alice "bawked! " when she saw the "so-crowed" news from the U.K.: Breaking News!! REAL LIFE STORIES Chick lit -- for hens! First Book Aimed at Chickens Has Been Written . . . more »