Alice and Joanie B. Give Some Thanks

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Thanksgiving time --


Alice and Joanie B.

have some thanks to give...

in an old time way --

land o plenty





We find our dear library-hens pinning away at vintage Thanksgiving cards on Pinterest...



Alice: Brawk! Pinning these old timey jpegs really makes me feel all cozy inside...


Thanksgiving blessings



      Joanie B:  
Ahhhwk! What a time to be thankful for being a chicken...





...and nawk a turkey!


Joanie B: Waaawk! This is the time to feast with true joy and gladness...

thanksgiving turkey


Alice: Chook! Chook! A chance to proclaim and give some thanks...
thanksgiving proclamation


Alice and Joanie B:    Hooray!   We're CHICKENS!!
hooray for chickens


We give LOTs of thanks for Corn 'O Plenty...




We'll gobble, gobble up cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie (with whipped cream)

turkey and pie


We give some of our most thankful thanks for being CALIFORNIA Chicks, baaabbee..where's the beach?! 
snow and chickens


Soooo..may you....glide in the corncob car of your dreams....
corny ride


.....or perhaps ride your heirloom turkey ....
boy and turkey


. . .arrive in style...

turkey car the coop of you and yours...
home and turkey



... or wherever your heart lives...
sunny heart


...and gives you -- the most thanks.



Giving thanks with a story from SCCLD Libraries...

The Thankful Book
The Thankful Book

An Awesome Book of Thanks!
An Awesome Book of Thanks!

Giving Thanks
Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks
Giving Thanks

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