Monday, String Beans - All You Hungry Chicks and Children - Come and EAT It Up!

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by LaurenJoan

Focus on Food

Alice and Joanie B.
were croaking their favorite food song
in celebration of SCCLD'S Focus on Food --


Mother hen with her chicks



Today is Monday, today is Monday
Monday, string beans

All you hungry children
Come and eat it up.

Old-time photo of children feeding chickens

Tuesday, spaghetti...

Old-time photo of a small child feeding several chickens

Wednesday, ZOOOOP...

Old-time photo of two boys giving their grandmother a basket of vegetables for soup

Thursday, roast beef. . .

Old-time photo of two tables of children eating

Friday, fresh fish. . .

Old-time photo of two small boys having a picnic

Saturday, chicken...



what? chicken!?  How about tofu instead?



Saturday, tofu chicken...

Old-time photo of two small children eating








Sunday, ice cream!
(Yummy, Joanie B's favorite day of the song!)

Old-time photo of a little girl eating ice cream


Today is Sunday, today is Sunday
Sunday, ice cream
Saturday, chicken
Friday, fresh fish
Thursday, roast beef
Wednesday, ZOOOOP!
Tuesday, spaghetti
Monday, string beans......

Old-time photo of a child drinking from a cup

All you hungry children
Come and eat it up!

Today Is Monday
Today Is Monday 

Laurenjoan--Tidbits a la mode:

Today is Monday is a traditional folk song.  Eric Carle made a colorful picture book about it titled, Today Is Monday.

Today is Monday is a fun way to sing about food, all while the children are learning the days of the week (hurray for Early Child Literacy in storytime!).

And, SCCLD's Focus on Food is bringing exciting and innovative programs for Adults, Teens, Children -- School-Age kids and even preschoolers and toddlers - to our libraries February through May of 2013.  Awesome programs are going on now --

Focus on Food


See our brochure for a complete schedule of Focus on Food programs.




And - if you want to sing along with this song - check out these cds:


Today is Monday Song -- sing-along why don't you?