Vintage Zombies Are a Thriller for Any Chicken

Posted on Friday, July 12, 2013 by LaurenJoan


zombie dancin chicks

Alice and Joanie B. are a couple of Youtube crazy chicks. They looovve to dance and croon along with the old tyme zombie music videos -- ahhhh the golden 80's and pioneer MTV days... 

Joanie B: Wrawwwk! Those good ol' vintage zombie dance tunes and videos--now that's where the action in the day... before World War Z...

Alice:  Braawwk! Billy Idol is my idol. Dancin' with Myself and a bunch of Zombies with 1980's hair -- that's for me!


Joanie B: Wrraawwk  - I'm more of a Wacko Jacko Thriller Zombie fan dancer...


They both agreed that the Misfits were a misfit for them...


Alice:  Wraaawk we are soooo lucky to be library-hens at the Milpitas Library where Vintage Zombies rrrrrule!

Joanie B: You DEAD it  -- You READ it!  @ SCCLD Libraries!! Crawwwkk-a-dead-a-doo!


zombie chicks



Vintage Zombies for a Dancin' Thrill
billy idol
The Very Best of Billy Idol
A CD with all the hits and a DVD with all the videos by the punk-rock poster boy who sang and sneered his way to fame in the '80s!
Thriller 25
 The world's biggest selling album of all time.


The vintage show Hullabaloo featured live performances from some of the most popular musical artists as well as up-and-coming stars. Airing on NBC-TV (1965-1966), the audio has been digitally restored for the original performances form legendary artists including: The Lovin' Spoonful, The Rolling Stones, The Shangri-Las, The Zombies, and many more!


Collection II
Collection II  
The real reason for the Misfits' prolonged life-after-death is that underneath the three-chord bluster, campy imagery, and pancake makeup there are some great, catchy, pop-hook-driven tunes.


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Thriller 25


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