Where Chickens and Children Sleep

Posted on Thursday, January 3, 2013 by LaurenJoan

Coop sweet coop


Alice and Joanie B. were feeling thankful in the New Year, especially as they watched Laurenjoan clean-up their coop.  She was covered in mud, poop, straw, and her shoes were all wet.

Joanie B: Thank grawkness.

Alice: Braawk! Yes, a nice clean coop to sleep in tonight and a warm nest to lay our eggs.

Joanie B: And good chicken scratch to eat - or blueberries or animal crackers...

Alice:  It's good to be an American Chicken. 

Joanie B: Hmmmm...I wonder where chickens sleep in other


Chickens in a Spanish village


South Africa

Chicken House in South Africa

South African Chicken



Sengel chicken house



Malawi chicken house

Chickens in Malawi

...or even...


Irish thatched chicken house



Irish Chicken


Alice: Coo-coo-coops and chickens are as different as one country is from another...some have to scrabble and some get to scratch...

Joanie B: Just like where children sleep in places like....(from James Mollison's book and website.)

New York



Alice: Crawkkk! Children and where they sleep, makes me think of a book at the Milpitas Library, its called -


Where Children Sleep
Where Children Sleep



Laurenjoan:  Where Children Sleep is a book by James Mollison.  It's a pictorial essay about how children live around the world.  As James Mollison states on his website:

Where Children Sleep - stories of diverse children around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms.... It occurred to me that