Go Ask Alice and Joanie B: How Does a Chicken Suggest a Purchase for the Library?

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by LaurenJoan

Go Ask Alice and Joanie B


Dear Alice and Joanie B,

How does a chicken suggest a purchase for the SCCLD library?  And what if you're a rooster -- ???





Dear Someone-Who-Crows,

Wrrawwk! (cock-a-doodle-doo to you!) The SCCLD has a collection to crow about, beak-cause we collect the best -- in books, DVDs, CDs, ebooks, databases, magazines, and more...  Hawwwk-ever, sometimes, something isn't in the collection -- beak-cause it's really old -- or really new -- or we haven't heard it was hatched.

FOR EXAMPLE! - Take Charlton Heston, please...SCCLD has all of his major movies, YET when we returned from our Hawaiian "vacay" o' surfin' 'n tattooin' 'n loungin' -- and we wanted to see our man, Charlton Heston, in his classic "old Hawaii" movie Diamond Head....

Diamond Head (1963) is about old time Hawaii, back in the day when pineapple plantation owners were called "King" and an Italian (James Darren) or a Greek (George Chakiris, who also played a Puerto Rican in West Side Story) could act and be a Native Hawaiian... (see Richard "King" Howland is a swaggering bigot land baron living on the Big Island of Hawaii. He objects when his sister, Sloan Howland, announces she plans to marry Paul Kahana (James Darren), a native Hawaiian, even though Richard, the King, Howland is having a torrid affair with an Asian woman, Mai Chen.)


. . .A simple search on the SCCLD catalog REVEALED-- baaawwk, whoa! SCCLD does not have Diamond Head, starring Charlton Heston in our collection! 

Brawwwk!  A slice of history and culture - how can we get it into SCCLD??!!

Quack!  er - QUICK!  Go to SCCL.ORG ---....


Then scroll down to the bottom of the SCCLD Home page....

suggest a purchase


YES!  Now click on suggest a purchase....

SFP on the Suggest a Purchase page, then scroll down:

sfp page


And... fill out the form...

sfp form


....and be sure to include your "request" to reserve the item when it comes in...

sfp reserve

Whoooo Hoooo! Cock-a-doodle-doodly doooo!

Diamond Head - here we go...

Diamond Head movie poster

Here's hopin' you will give suggest a purchase a try too!



SCCLD Suggest a Purchase (may take awhile):

We welcome your suggestions for titles that you would like to find at the library. Please provide us with as much information as possible below. Our librarians will carefully consider each suggestion in accordance with the Santa Clara County Library District Selection Policy.

Suggestions are reviewed daily, Monday - Friday, and items selected for purchase usually appear in the catalog within 2-4 weeks. Due to high volume, we are unable to respond individually to each suggestion.



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