Alice and Joanie B. Catch the Waves and Get a Tattoo in Honolulu

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by LaurenJoan


Alice and Joanie B. felt the rhythm of the waves on Waikiki Beach
for their "vacay" week in Honolulu, Hawaii.

chickens on surf board

Joanie B. snapped this shot of a couple of surfing chicks near Diamond Head.

tattooed hen leg

Alice got herself a tattoo at the Pacific Ink and Art Expo in Honolulu.

tattooed hen

Alice is proud of her pineapple tat. 
Good memories of Hawaii forever inked upon her leg.

shave ice and raybans

Joanie B. loved the rainbow shave ice on North Shore. 
Iced coconuts, rayban sunglasses and lots of sunscreen 
were a must for her and her friend.

chicken and mushubi

Alice filled up on her favorite Spam Musubi!!

rainbow over honolulu

Alice and Joanie B. caught a rainbow over Honolulu --
from a PENTHOUSE par-tee.


Joanie B. was so inspired by the beach in Kailua
(former home to President Obama) that she wrote a poem:

Koo Ka Roo Ka Kailua
by Joanie B.

The breaking aqua waves
Splashing the white sand
where the clucking and peeping
of little chicks
In pools they make in the sand--
tiny chickie feet dig and dig
Brown little beaks dotted sandy wet
The water reaches them
Rolling Into their nest in the beach
And plays upon their peeps
Slips away
Splashes back
And so the day is crowing
Koo Ka Roo Ka Kailua!

Alice and Joanie B. - the ever ready library-hens -- pulled plenty of resources from the SCCLD libraries' shelves to plan their trip ahead of time - for a flawless "vacay" indeed!

If you find yourself going to Hawaii to surf and get tattooed - try these books from SCCLD:

Surfing, Tattoos, and Oahu

Fierce Heart
Fierce Heart
Getting Inked
Getting Inked
Planet Ink
Planet Ink
Oahu Revealed
Oahu Revealed


Driving & Discovering Hawai'i
Driving & Discovering Hawai'i

Duck surf


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aloha sidewalk

Surfing graphics from:

Chicken on the grass graphic:

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